Featured Artifact of the Week


Image of the Stevens Homestead in Chelmsford, MA, from a collection of slides relating to geneticist Nettie Stevens (1861-1912). The homestead sketch is undated, but a similar paining at the Chelmsford Historical Society is dated to 1878. The original picture in the slide was taken around 1899. The property was settled in 1663 by John Stevens (1637-1691) and his wife, Elizabeth Hildreth (1646-1718), on the Chelmsford side of Francis Hill (Old Westford Rd today). The family lived at this homestead for at least five generations, but they continued to live in the area after. In 1849, Ephraim Asa Stevens (1833-1914) and moved to Cavendish, VT, were Nettie was born.

Nettie moved to Westford after the death of her mother, Julia Adams Stevens, in 1863. Click here for more information on her contributions to genetic research. She was later memorialized as one of the Westford Women Dolls in 1985.