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Image of intercom equipment

Science is History, Too!

Spring 2012 IntercomCommunications, transportation, musical instruments, medical instruments, industrial equipment, electronics and entertainment. Scientific developments that changed the way we do things, the processes, the efficiency and the safety. This

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The Worship Spaces of Westford

Spring 2011 From the building of the original Meeting House of West Chelmsford, to the establishment of St. Catherine’s, The United Methodist Church and St. Mark’s to accommodate the influx

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Photo of Silk Brocade

Reproducing the Past: Creating a Colonial Wardrobe

Sewing by hand, using 18th century reproduction fabrics and constructing garments in the 18th century manner are the trademarks of two 21st century Colonial seamstresses who work diligently to accurately

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The Westford Town Hall

Town Hall Exhibit Just in time for the opening of the newly renovated Town Hall, we decided to bring out some of the Town Hall treasures in our collection. In

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Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

A History of Baseball in Westford Baseball Table The History of Baseball in Westford exhibit was open from April through September 2010. It opened in time for the Apple Blossom

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Photo from 1929 pageant

Westford’s 275th Celebration

The ladies of the “Bonnet Club” from the Chamberlin Corner section of Westford gathered in 1928 for this delight photo. Number 1 is Lucinda Prescott, who lived at 181 Main

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