The Westford Museum houses several permanent exhibits. Temporary exhibits highlight parts of our collections which cannot be displayed on a permanent basis. A large percentage of the collections are in storage and can be viewed by appointment if their condition allows.

Approximately 80% of the Westford historical Society’s collections are in storage, not normally on display in the Museum. Each month we feature a different artifact from our collection.

Permanent Exhibits

Photo of The Power of the Mills Exhibit

Power of the Mills

The opening of the Stony Brook Railroad brought new industrial activity to all three Stony Brook villages: Brookside, Graniteville, and Forge Village. The granite quarries above Graniteville now had a

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Westford Women Dolls

Westford has an abundant history of outstanding and courageous women. Jean Downey (1925-2003),  conducted the Westford Women Doll project in 1985 to highlight women’s history and civil rights within Westford, with

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The Prescotts of Westford

The Prescotts were early settlers of Westford and Chelmsford, and by the end of the 1700’s there were many Prescott families that were related in one way or another. Abram,

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Country Store

The General Store not only provided residents with their common household supplies and luxuries, but also was located in the center of town to make it easily accessible. Many could

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Photo of Farming Exhibit


Before the mills came to Westford, the town was mainly agricultural. A farm was home to many Westford residents. Apples were Westford’s major crop. Other profitable crops consisted of peaches,

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Temporary Exhibits

Online Exhibits

Timeline Posters

Over the years, the Westford Academy Museum Club created posters illustrating a snapshot of the world, the nation and the town in a particular year. They were often put on

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4 Graniteville - atwood house photo

The Atwood-Carlton-Millett Family

The Atwood-Millett Family included a doctor, nurse, lawyer, and artist, and there are connections to other towns across the country. Lillian, Mary, and Sarah “Carrie” Atwood were lifelong Westford residents. Grace

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Photo of Westford Depot Bridge

Westford Photos

The Westford Historical Society owns a wealth of photos from both past and present. Your Westford photos are always welcome. Stop by during office hours or on a Sunday afternoon.

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Aerial view of Abbot Mills Buildings

Abbot Mills Photos

In 2006, prior to the conversion of the Abbot Mill buildings into residential units, Alan Chaffee received permission from the owners to complete a thorough photographic survey of the existing

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Past Exhibits

See highlights from past exhibits on our Past Exhibits page.