COVID-19 Digital Time Capsule

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Living and working in a new way ~ The COVID-19 Pandemic

What would you like your children and grandchild to remember or know about the COVID-19 pandemic? Share your reflections, adventures, pictures and videos and with your permission we will post them on to our website. Then on December 31, 2020, we will lock your submissions away in a digital time capsule to be posted on the historical society’s website 20 years from now, May 2040. Your contribution to the time capsule does not need to be posted to our website at this time, but we would like to share it in 20 years.

Here are a few suggestions of pandemic reflections you can share:

  • Stories on cancelled events such as weddings, school, graduations, etc.
  • How have you entertained yourselves as you sheltered at home
  • Are you working from home or are you an essential worker, how did that effect your family?
  • Are you homeschooling your children?
  • Have you started a new project or have a new hobby such as photography, drawings, paintings, sewing?
  • Your personal digital content and social media posts

What do you want your children and grandchildren to remember about this pandemic in 20 years? Submit your COVID-19 reflections to Linda Greene, Museum Director to put into our digital time capsule.


Reflections from Mr. Martell’ s Criminal Mind Class, Westford Academy Class of 2020

AA Criminal Minds Class Mr. Martell 17 May 2020 Final Reflection Being a senior during a global pandemic is weird to say the least. While most of the world is worrying about how they will survive the virus and make ends meet during this trying time, most high school seniors are only worried about seeing their friends. It’s easy for us seniors to trivialize coronavirus and its symptoms because we are not at high risk,

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Wide-brimmed Hats and Parasols Mark a Scorching Annual Town Meeting

By: JOYCE PELLINO CRANE Under a blazing sun seated in chairs on the turf of the Westford Academy trustees field, about 500 voters spent three hours on June 20 deciding 13 articles as well as eight housekeeping measures from a consent agenda. The annual gathering, typically meets on the fourth Saturday in March inside the Abbot School gym. But under COVID-19, social distancing regulations made it impossible for voters to assemble inside. With the warmer weather,

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Nashoba Valley Technical High School Commencement Ceremonies: Class of 2020

Nashoba Valley Technical High School Commencement Ceremonies: Class of 2020 June 6, 2020 and June 7, 2020 GRADUATION 2020 DAN PHELPS MONDAY, JUNE 08, 2020 Nashoba Valley Technical High School’s graduation gala — 18 hours over two days — went off smoothly and without any major hitches. And, of course, with an abundance of caution. While other high schools held drive-by ceremonies or were forced to postpone their graduation ceremonies until later in the summer

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Memorial Day 2020 Gathering~ A speech by Elizabeth Almeida, Select Board, Westford MA

Hello Westford. Thank you for joining us for our virtual Memorial Day gathering. Thank you to Ryan Cobleigh, our Veterans Services Officer, and Westford CAT for putting together this program. Westford began gathering for Memorial Day after the Civil War as a way to honor those who have served our country and to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. As we face loss and uncertainty, there is comfort in the familiar. Reading the

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Taps Across America ~ Memorial Day 2020

Master Fifer, Joseph L. Greene at the Westford Museum performing Taps Live (3 pm May 25, 2020) Taps Across America Joe is a fifer with Middlesex County Volunteers, a graduate of Westford Academy Class of 2014 and currently a PhD candidate at Boston University in Computational  Neurophotonics.

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With traditional events cancelled due to the pandemic, Westford Veterans Services and Westford CAT have created a special TV program to honor our veterans.  Please tune in to Westford CAT (Verizon 35, Comcast 8) on Memorial Day, Monday, MAY 25 at 1pm.  Rerun May 27 (1pm), May 29 (1pm) and various times in June. Posted on Westford CAT’s YouTube channel and the Video On Demand library at 

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Slingshot Night Light Parade ~ Westford Common

Friday May 22 7:15 – 9:00 p.m. Links to the route map are at the bottom of this post (split into 2 maps). Segment 1: Tyngsboro Rd, Winding Way, North Hill Rd, Forrest St, Fletcher Ln, Lake Shore Drive N, Coolidge Ave, Moore Rd, Lake Shore Dr S, Birch Rd, Maple Rd, Endmoor Rd, Sycamore Rd, Newport Dr, Nutting Ln, Plain Rd, Depot St, Dunstable Rd (American Legion Post), Farmer Way, North St Expect segment

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(3 LINES: 5 SYLLABLES, 7 SYLLABLES, 5 SYLLABLES – 17 SYLLABLES IN ALL) Pandemic strangeness Many no-mask wearing fools What does science say? We must change our ways It is so inconvenient A huge adjustment Listen carefully Experts share and tell us how Follow the advice Are finances first? Money flows over new deaths Economy lives Look at the numbers Evidence blinded leaders Bring on tragedy Business reopens Hospitals crowded again Mortuary full Guilty men

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Photo of meeting house

Our 12th Great Grandfather, Rev. Willard Hall.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was supposed to be traveling to New England for a month with my cousin, Mary Richardson Zern, to research our ancestors.  Part of that trip was a three day stop in Westford, MA for the Apple Blossom Festival and to learn about our 12th Great Grandfather, Rev. Willard Hall.  While we cancelled our trip, and look forward to taking it in the future, we are both keeping busy during this

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Keeping the household running

I have a million photos of dragging my kids outside to explore or do some little activity but these two pictures are what represents the majority of our time spent while in quarantine.  I am still working–largely from home and not-quite full-time.  My husband is considered an essential worker and must go in to his office every day.  So I am simultaneously trying to do work, get my kids to complete assignments (or, really, do

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Westford Historical Society Board Members

Here is what a few of your WHS Board Members have been doing and noticing during the pandemic. Jeanne Union: I’m taking two ballet classes a week via zoom – and before the stay at home decree I was lucky if I took one each week.  No excuses, no commuting, no problem!  I’m also refreshing my French language skills using Duolingo. Denise Vuilleumier: I’ve continued to go to the office everyday during the pandemic as the business I

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