COVID-19 Digital Time Capsule

Share Your Story

Living and working in a new way ~ The COVID-19 Pandemic

What would you like your children and grandchild to remember or know about the COVID-19 pandemic? Share your reflections, adventures, pictures and videos and with your permission we will post them on to our website, and lock your submissions away in a digital time capsule to be posted on the historical society’s website 20 years from now, May 2040. Your contribution to the time capsule does not need to be posted to our website at this time, but we would like to share it in 20 years.

Here are a few suggestions of pandemic reflections you can share:

  • Stories on cancelled events such as weddings, school, graduations, etc.
  • How have you entertained yourselves as you sheltered at home
  • Are you working from home or are you an essential worker, how did that effect your family?
  • Are you homeschooling your children?
  • Have you started a new project or have a new hobby such as photography, drawings, paintings, sewing?
  • Your personal digital content and social media posts

What do you want your children and grandchildren to remember about this pandemic in 20 years? Submit your COVID-19 reflections to Linda Greene, Museum Director to put into our digital time capsule.


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Westford Academy Class of 2020 ~ Pictures on the Westford Common This was the idea of Mr Antonelli’s, the WA principal, idea. Many groups and individuals donated the funds to pay for it. It was assembled and set up

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