Scouting Artifacts

Westford BSA Patch Historic Trail Awards. Established in 1956 to promote citizenship. It is awarded for studying about, hiking or camping along, or performing a service project on a historic … Read more »

Campfire Ashes

Campfire ashes stored in an old film canister CAMPFIRE ASHES   Ashes taken from a campfire are sprinkled into the flames of the next campfire.  The next morning, when the … Read more »

Traveling Down Route 110 (Littleton Road) with Geoff and Bob!

A new Westford history film documentary. “Traveling Down Route 110 (Littleton Road) with Geoff and Bob”. There’s an amazing amount of history to be found in the four miles along … Read more »
Burbeck parlor 1920

Featured Artifact of the Week

Burbeck Parlor From the Collection Photo of the Burbeck home parlor, as it looked around 1920. “Vinebrook Farm” was owned prior by Edmond Baker, whose family owned the Baker Chocolate … Read more »

Dr. Elizabeth Kittredge (1889-1972)

Westford’s First Woman Doctor. By James VanBever (Feb/March 2022) When Elizabeth Kittredge was considering a career in medicine, she did not receive wholehearted support from her family. In fact, she … Read more »

Westford Women go to War

December 7, 2021 marked the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and The United States officially entered World War II. World War II wasn’t just a man’s war—350,000 … Read more »

Bob Oliphant’s Weekly Westford Wardsman Podcasts

Listen as Bob Oliphant shares the weekly Westford news plus bonus information of Westford and our residents from over 100 year’s ago. The Westford Wardsman was published weekly as part … Read more »

The History of St. Andrew’s Church

One of the historic sites featured in the recent Forge Village Walking Tour By Jim VanBever As the textile industry flourished in the United States skilled workers were needed  to … Read more »
Aerial view of Abbot Mills Buildings

The Abbot Worsted Company; The Business, the People and the Community

Virtually tour the Abbot Mill Exhibit in the Westford Museum with Penny Lacroix (2007) Helene (Mickey Crocker reflects on her years working in the Mills (2021) Working the Mill in … Read more »

9/11 Candlelight Remembrances, 20th Anniversary, September 11, 2021

The Westford Historical Society, in partnership with Westford Remembers, hosted a Candlelight Remembrance of the events of 9-11. The Remembrance was held on the town common on Saturday, September 11, … Read more »

The Ladies of Forge Village

Growing up in Forge Village, Massachusetts with   Josephine “Pat” Patricia (Connell) Hartley, Helena “Mickey” (McKniff) Crocker and Alice “Ella” (Prescott) Collins    “Growing up in Forge Village”  Geoff Hall’s … Read more »

A 9-11 Tribute Podcast- How to make a Origami Paper Crane

Make a Origami Paper Crane with Saniya and bring it with you to hang up in the Westford Museum’s 9-11 exhibit through September 26th. Museum is open Sundays 2-4pm Children … Read more »