Featured Artifact of the Week

Stone Arch Bridge Postcard

This real photo postcard was made between 1907 and 1920, according to Playe.com, based on the stamp box design. It is a picture of the Stone Arch Bridge within Westford’s village of Graniteville. Notice the number on the bottom right, 3403: most likely the postcard’s number instead of zip code. Westford did, however, have separate zip codes for its historic villages well into the twentieth century. The granite bridge was built in 1872 without mortar, according to Westford Conservation Trust, and is part of a trail system in town today. It was built as part of the Acton-Nashua Red Line (Stony Brook Railroad). Parts of this rail system still exist today, operated by Pan Am Railways.

The postcard was purchased by Westford Resident Dan Lacroix in 2005.

3 3/8 x 5 3/8″,
black and white