Featured Artifact of the Week

Abbot Worsted Company Advertising Display

The wall mounted, advertising case from the Abbot Worsted Co. features six hand knitting yarns, six machine knitting yarns, and 17 specialty yarns of various colors. Both natural and synthetic fibers are displayed. However, Abbot Worsted outsourced dying of their yarns. This kind of display was used in trade shows and offices to illustrate the available products produced, particularly for potential customers.

Abbot Worsted Co. was founded in 1855 by John W.P. Abbot (1806-1872), John W. Abbot (1834-1897), and Charles G. Sargent (1822-1900). They ultimately operated three worsted mills in Westford: the original 1855 location on N. Main, the Pleasant St. location starting 1879, and the mill on Brookside Rd. starting 1919. The company moved south by 1956, and went out of business soon after.

The case was donated to the museum in 2017 by the American Textile Museum, after they closed.

Glass face, wood
38 x 42 x 3.25″