PO Box 411, 2-4 Boston Road, Westford, MA 01886
Tel: (978) 692-5550, Fax (978) 692-5550


Old House Renovation Research Library

A library of information is available to assist owners in the renovation, restoration or preservation of their older homes. This community resource provides avenues for homeowners to explore the many ideas, methods, suppliers and products available to help retain or bring back the period charm that makes old houses so special. The Resource includes internet site listings, books, vendor catalogs, relevant magazines, and some local business descriptions.

This information is available at the Museum Cottage and can be signed out by users. The Museum Cottage office is located adjacent to Westford Museum at 4 Boston Road. The hours are M/W/F from 9AM-1PM. The office can be reached at 978-692-5550.


PO Box 411, 2-4 Boston Road, Westford, MA 01886, Tel: (978) 692-5550