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The Westford Museum houses several permanent exhibits. Temporary exhibits highlight parts of our collections which cannot be displayed permanently. A large percentage of our collections are in storage. If you are interested in something in particular, please contact us to set up a time to view objects in storage.

Past Exhibits


Constables to Cruisers
October 2012-
February 2013

Science is History, Too!
Spring 2012

Communications, transportation, musical instruments, medical instruments, industrial equipment, electronics and entertainment. Scientific developments that changed the way we do things, the processes, the efficiency and the safety.

This exhibit highlighted objects from Westford's history that have been changed by science.

For some science-related sleuthing fun, see if you can figure out this Calendar Challenge. (You can find some hints to figure out the problem here, but give it a try on your own first!)

The Worship Spaces of Westford
Spring 2011

From the building of the original Meeting House of West Chelmsford, to the establishment of St. Catherine's, The United Methodist Church and St. Mark's to accommodate the influx of 19th c. immigrants; from the Christian faiths which marked the founding of our country, to more recent populations of Jewish, Bahá'í and Buddhist; from traditional historic buildings to contemporary architecture, private homes and nature settings, the history of Westford's religious communities reflect the history of Westford itself.

This exhibit is a combined effort of many organizations and individuals in Westford. Each organization has provided their own history, photos, artifacts and summaries, which are combined here into a single story with intertwining branches in the Westford community. Many thanks go to Ajahn David Chutiko (Wat Buddhabhavanna), Joe Diamond (Temple Shir Haddash), Elizabeth Elliott (St. Mark's Episcopal Church), Jeff Henry (Museum Volunteer), Peg Hicks (St. Catherine of Alexandria), Patti Mason (First Parish Church United), Bob Oliphant (United Methodist Church), Barbara Peacock (Wat Buddhabhavanna), Larry Peebles (St. Mark's Episcopal Church), Melissa Phillips (Museum Volunteer), Beth Shaw (Museum Volunteer) and Dilip Soman (Baha'i Faith) for their personal contributions.

colonial wardrobe

silk brocade

Reproducing the Past: Creating a Colonial Wardrobe

Sewing by hand, using 18th century reproduction fabrics and constructing garments in the 18th century manner are the trademarks of two 21st century Colonial seamstresses who work diligently to accurately reproduce colonial clothing in every detail.  Hallie Larkin and Stephanie Smith have on display several of their recreations including a set of handsewn stays (the undergarment of the colonial woman), a linsey-woolsey gown, a silk gown worn a la Polonaise and the formal gown (robe à la Française) of the 18th century woman known in the colonies as a sacque or sack. Finding the fabric is the first challenge in creating true replicas and no stone is left unturned on the quest for the best possible textiles in the marketplace.  Every detail is important, down to the threads used in each garment as well as the techniques of assembling each garment.

Hallie and Stephanie teach classes on reproducing 18th century clothing at various sites around New England and most frequently at Minuteman National Park.

The Westford Historical Society extends thanks to both Hallie and Stephanie for providing this striking and educational exhibit.

It was in the museum mid-January through February 2011.
Town Hall Exhibit

The Westford Town Hall

Just in time for the opening of the newly renovated Town Hall, we decided to bring out some of the Town Hall treasures in our collection. In addition to photos, the exhibit included a poster listing the prices for town hall rental in 1927, a Contagious Disease log book from the Health Deaprtment in the 1880s, an assessors book from the late 19th century, a lithograph plate of the town hall, and much more.

Did you know that when then town hall was built in 1870, the most economical roof material was slate? A piece of the original was part of the display.

Thanks to Ellen Harde, Mickey Crocker, John Mangiaratti, Tom Mahanna, Stacey Perron and moderator Geoff Hall for participating in our panel discussion in October. The event was filmed and will be aired on Westford CAT.

The exhibit was in the museum from October 2010 through mid-January 2011.


Root, Root, Root for the Home Team
A History of Baseball in Westford

The History of Baseball in Westford exhibit was open from April through September 2010. It opened in time for the Apple Blossom Festival. It featured photos of the original 6 Little League teams from the 1950s as well as town and business-sponsored teams, baseball gear, softball photos, newspaper articles and other fun tidbits.

PO Box 411, 2-4 Boston Road, Westford, MA 01886, Tel: (978) 692-5550